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Children love to learn. If they are denied access to knowledge, we also deny them the opportunity to change their lives for the better.


Internet Free Education Resource Bank (IFERB)

Within the IFERB project, girls sit together as they read and write.

What is the Internet Free Education Resource Bank (IFERB)?

The Internet Free Education Resource Bank (IFERB) is a universally accessible collection of 500+ project and play-based learning resources designed for hands-on, exploratory, and student-led learning. The award-winning IFERB is an easy-to-deploy program for beneficiaries living in internet-free, low-resource contexts with limited access to technology to ensure learning continuity amidst disruption and enhance learning outcomes in marginalized and emergency contexts.

Features of IFERB:

Features of IFERB

What makes IFERB Unique:

While the project-based learning approach itself is not new, IFERB was developed because there were no easy-to-deploy emergency education programs available for beneficiaries who were living in internet free, low resource contexts with limited access to technology. IFERB is designed to empower the most vulnerable learners by providing them with an opportunity to engage in impactful learning without relying on internet access or expensive supplies by leveraging existing resources and community support. IFERB enables individuals with basic qualifications such as volunteers, facilitators and parents in using scrap materials to aid the learning journey anytime and anywhere.

Students in Sudan, working on their projects outdoors.

Since its launch:

  • IFERB includes 500+ project and play-based resources that cover academic concepts and build 21st century skills.
  • IFERB has reached 6.2 million users across 175+ counties through direct programs, dissemination and website downloads.*
  • Established partnership with 30+ partners in 14+ countries.*
  • 170+ countries where IFERB has been downloaded.*
  • Available in 10+ under-served languages for 3 to 16-year-olds.*
  • Implemented in diverse settings: in-school, out-of-school and through phone calls, wall paintings, village newspapers, etc.*

*As of April 2024

Access the Internet Free Resource Bank (IFERB) here:


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