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About EAA

Opening up a world of education

Children love to learn. If they are denied access to knowledge, we also deny them the opportunity to change their lives for the better.


Qatar Scholarship – EAA/Al Quds Bard College

In January 2021, Al Fakhoora partnered with Al-Quds Bard College on an exciting new project, providing access to high-quality, US-accredited and Palestinian-accredited undergraduate and graduate education for 339 marginalized Palestinian youth and in-service teachers.

The Qatar Scholarship – EAA / Al Quds Bard College project will empower 339 beneficiaries from historically underserved communities – primarily women, young girls, refugees and those left behind in rural areas — through inclusive and equitable quality education, leading to greater access to the same opportunities and prosperity as the rest of the population.

The project aims to transform the lives of students, their families and communities, thereby resulting in widespread and positive impact over Palestinian institutions and schools. 

The programme will provide access to two liberal arts educational programmes, as well as comprehensive student services, at Bard Al Quds:

  • Undergraduate programmes
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching programme

Students in the undergraduate programme will pursue degrees in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and practicing arts. 

AQB's Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a two-year programme for in-service teachers that has a demonstrated systemic impact of reforming the Palestinian education system through training teachers on integrating student-centered approaches into the classroom.


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