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Children love to learn. If they are denied access to knowledge, we also deny them the opportunity to change their lives for the better.


Reaching Educational Attainments of Children in the Hinterlands (REACH)

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Reaching Educational Attainments of Children in the Hinterlands (REACH) is a one-year initiative that builds on Pact’s success in using flexible and innovative models to expand opportunities to the most marginalized and hardest to reach children and help them access and complete education in Ethiopia.

It will reach 15,120 children in 27 districts distributed across six regions of the country. Working closely with its local implementing partners and drawing on well-established relationships with local stakeholders including the Ministry of Education, district representatives and community institutions, the project is working toward two objectives: to expand access to quality basic education to 15,120 out of school children (OOSC) in the catchment areas of the project intervention and to increase the retention of children in learning centers through the provision of safe water and sanitation facilities in Alternative Basic Education Centers (ABEC).

Interventions are focused on enrolment of new level one children and ensuring the supply of a corresponding number of facilitators/teachers; the provision of learning materials; additional hand-washing facilities; behavior change communication activities; and monitoring of the program. Targeted capacity building of Center Management Committees along with access to safe water and sanitation facilities at ABEC sites will be instrumental in creating a more positive school environment and contributing to increased retention and enrolment.

Throughout the years, Pact and its partners have established strong working relationships with numerous institutions and structures that represent and play critical roles in supporting the expansion and acceleration of enrolment of OOSC. Pact has demonstrated the built-in sustainability measures in the project by successfully handing over 707 ABECs to local governments and communities to date, most of which are full-fledged primary schools today.


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