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Children love to learn. If they are denied access to knowledge, we also deny them the opportunity to change their lives for the better.


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Quality primary schools are the first step towards building a brighter future in Angola

“I NEVER EXPECTED to have such a big, beautiful school to learn in!” says Pedro, a 13-year-old class 5 student in Cambanda, Angola, who wants to be a doctor so he can help others. His new school is one of the first schools built by RISE International in partnership with Educate A Child (EAC), a global programme of the Education Above All Foundation, and with the support of ExxonMobil. “I love the classrooms and bathrooms,” he says. “School is important because we learn to read and write. Studying is important for a good future, for tomorrow.”

A Portuguese colony for almost five centuries, Angola endured a brutal, 27-year civil war, which concluded in 2002. The conflict destroyed cities, buildings and much of the country’s infrastructure. As a result, many Angolans were displaced and deprived of basic necessities, such as clean water, and essential services like health care and education. According to UNESCO, there are at present more than 600,000 primary-level out of school children (OOSC) in the country, and the education sector suffers from a lack of teachers and adequate school infrastructure.


Pedro’s parents managed to reach high school, but the war prevented them from going further. Still, they value education and want their son to have opportunities they did not.

To help increase access to quality primary education, the EAC and RISE “Schools for Angola” initiative aims to build new schools in areas where the need is the greatest and schools are non-existent. Together, the partnership will enrol 24,000 OOSC in the country’s Benguela, Bié and Luanda provinces.

Pedro’s teacher, Ms. Maria Ivone, recalls spending years teaching in harsh, “temporary” conditions, where children carried their own stools on which to sit and worked on their laps. Students were distracted, she says, and there was constant noise and dust, wind and rain. “This is a dream come true,” she says enthusiastically of the new school.


"Humanity will not overcome the immense challenges we face unless we ensure that children get the quality education that equips them to play their part in the modern world." -- HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser


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