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Children love to learn. If they are denied access to knowledge, we also deny them the opportunity to change their lives for the better.


Qatar Scholarship – EAA/Science Po

This project, in partnership with Sciences Po, provides access to the Professional Certificate for Young Refuges programme for 30 displaced youth, hailing from Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Iraq, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Student speaking on campus

The Professional Certificate for Young Refugees, which is unique in France, is a two-year diploma designed for young refugees whose education has been abruptly interrupted. The diploma is accredited by the Ministry of Education in France, and aims to facilitate students’ integration and equip students to access opportunities for further advancement, whether it be continuing with higher education or entering the job market. Students participate in a programme of study which includes courses in the humanities and social sciences at the Sciences Po Undergraduate College: history, political science, mathematics applied to humanities and social science, and public speaking, as well as skills tailored to the French society.

The primary aim of this collaboration is to provide exceptional young individuals facing challenging circumstances with access to higher education, enabling them to lead transformative lives both personally and within their respective communities.

Student speaking on campus

Country Context

In France, the issue of refugees and asylum seekers has remained a complex and multifaceted challenge, reflecting the broader global concerns of forced displacement and migration. The country has historically been a destination for individuals seeking refuge from conflict, persecution, and instability in their home countries, welcoming around 3,000 refugees each year, providing people with an opportunity to start a new life.  France's asylum system, governed by both national and international laws, plays a pivotal role in determining the status and rights of those seeking protection within its borders. While France has shown a commitment to providing educational opportunities to refugees and asylum seekers, barriers such as language proficiency, cultural knowledge, and financial constraints have hindered their full integration into the higher education system.  


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