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About EAA

Opening up a world of education

Children love to learn. If they are denied access to knowledge, we also deny them the opportunity to change their lives for the better.

EAA's Pioneering Response to Rebuilding Hope and Empowering Lives in Gaza
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Rumble on the street in Gaza

Attacks on Education Gaza Strip

As of 01st March 2024, more than 625K+ students with no access to education, and 392 of all educational institutions have sustained significant damages.  4,851 students and 239 teachers were killed, 318 school buildings have been used by IDP as shelters, 142 of them attacked. Currently, more than 1M people are sheltering in 145 UNRWA Schools. Nearly all 1 million children in the enclave require mental health support. The funding needs for education: $855M for Gaza to allow partners to respond to the dire education and wellbeing needs of children and school staff. with funding gap of 98% (UNICEF Education Cluster).

EAA Comprehensive Interventions and Response to the Gaza Strip Crises

Under the initiative of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, the Chairperson of Education Above All Foundation (EAA), in a concerted effort to find immediate and practical solutions for providing humanitarian support in the Gaza Strip, the Education Above All Foundation, through its Al Fakhoora programme, and in collaboration with its partners has unveiled unprecedented measures to address the dire crisis in Gaza. In a press conference held today at Education City, the EAA Foundation announced ground-breaking projects, encompassing immediate response, aimed at supporting over 233,000 children and youth affected by the ongoing conflict.

  • Mental HealthMental Health

    Providing Mental Health and Psychosocial Support to crisis-affected children, adolescents in the Gaza Strip.

  • Recreational ActivitiesRecreational Activities

    Lifesaving emergency education support to boys and girls affected by the escalation of violence and conflict in Gaza.

  • University ScholarshipsUniversity Scholarships

    Providing 100 scholarships, to Palestinian children and youth in Qatar. Partnering with esteemed institutions in Qatar.

  • Hygiene Kits & Youth InitiativesHygiene Kits & Youth Initiatives

    Providing dignity kits to displaced women and girls, and Launching youth-led community initiatives.

  • Meals for the DisplacedMeals for Displaced

    Providing meals for the most vulnerable populations such as children and their families in the Gaza Strip.

Community Initiatives

EAA In partnership with UNFPA, and through our network of youth volunteers, they are spearheading a transformative wave of initiatives, reaching thousands of children and youth with crucial support. From educational programs to health and psychosocial interventions, these initiatives, embody a comprehensive response to the urgent needs of those affected by the ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip. Through collaboration with local partners and a commitment to community resilience, these young leaders are not just addressing immediate challenges but are laying the groundwork for a hopeful, revitalized future in Gaza.

  • Education Support for Children and Adolescence

    Education Support for Children and Adolescence

    Providing weekly educational classes on basic subjects such as mathematics and science.

    # beneficiaries reached: 535 *
  • Cooking for the Displaced

    Cooking for the Displaced

    Cooking and distributing meals for numerous displaced families in the Gaza Strip, reaching families inside and outside UNRWA shelters.

    # beneficiaries reached: 20,000 *
  • Entertainment & Recreational Days in Shelters

    Entertainment & Recreational Days in Shelters

    Aim to restore a sense of normalcy and joy for children, across shelters and displaced camps.

    # beneficiaries reached: 12,218 *
  • Cinema for the Displaced Children

    Cinema for the Displaced Children

    To cultivate an atmosphere of joy and comfort among children residing in shelters.

    # beneficiaries reached: 4,100 *
  • Psychosocial Support Corners and Self-Care Initiatives

    Psychosocial Support Corners and Self-Care Initiatives

    Aims to provide a space for girls to relieve stress through talking, drawing, and self-care.

    # beneficiaries reached: 5,120 *
  • The Clothesline Initiative

    The Clothesline Initiative

    Providing laundry pegs aids in airing out bedding and clothes, reducing disease spread linked to poor shelter cleanliness.

    # beneficiaries reached: 2,800 *
  • Bread Making and Distribution Initiative

    Bread Making and Distribution Initiative

    Volunteers collaborated with women bakers, sourcing flour to tackle the bread shortage.

    # beneficiaries reached: 2,727 *
  • Peaceful Hands InitiativePeaceful Hands Initiative

    Peaceful Hands InitiativePeaceful Hands Initiative

    Volunteers led coloring and drawing sessions for children to ease their stress, providing them with drawing books and colors.

    # beneficiaries reached: 400 *
  • Barbar Initiative for the Displaced

    Barbar Initiative for the Displaced

    This initiative, fostering normalcy and dignity under tough conditions, running in 12 shelters.

    # beneficiaries reached: 1,450 *

* data valid as of March 2024.

Empowering children through play

Empowering Children Through Play

In light the evident need for activities that distract and engage children in Gaza, Education Above All’s Innovation Development designed 40 play-based games tailored for children in resource-scarce environments. The games are available in two age groups, 7-10 and 11-13, in both Arabic and English. Accompanying guidelines have been prepared to facilitate the seamless implementation of these games in various settings. The games have been condensed onto a single sheet of paper and require minimum resources and facilitation.

Access the Games

Abdullah Abu Jasser - "When playing and drawing with the children, I see joy and resilience ignite.  It's more than play, it's fostering hope and empowerment."

"When playing and drawing with the children, I see joy and resilience ignite. It's more than play, it's fostering hope and empowerment."
Youth Volunteer
Rafah - Gaza Strip

EAA staff on site at a UNWRA school in Gaza

EAA - Al Fakhoora Team in the Gaza Strip

Our team in the Gaza Strip has been pivotal in overseeing our interventions there, particularly the "Re-building Hope" initiative. Their involvement in supporting and overseeing projects has been crucial for maximizing outcomes and enhancing impact. With meticulous support and collaborative efforts, the team amplifies the impact and awareness of initiatives, showcasing a steadfast dedication to delivering meaningful aid under challenging conditions.

Amplifying Voices: Our Media Outreach


"Humanity will not overcome the immense challenges we face unless we ensure that children get the quality education that equips them to play their part in the modern world." -- HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser


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