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Children love to learn. If they are denied access to knowledge, we also deny them the opportunity to change their lives for the better.


Waxbar Caruurtaada – Educate Your Children!

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In Somalia, with EAC co-funding, CARE is implementing the Waxbar Caruurtaada project to enrol 30,100 out of school children in primary education. The project works to decrease the educational disparities that exist in Somalia particularly in rural areas where accessing education is a challenge and schools struggle to offer quality education due to low teacher retention and inadequate facilities.

The Waxbar Caruurtaada – Educate Your Children! project will scale up support for some of the most marginalised out of school children (OOSC), including children from poor and vulnerable households in the remote communities of Sool, Sanaag, Toghdeer, and Mogadishu. These are rural locations that have been marginalized, where access to education is especially challenging resulting in large gaps in enrolment, particularly among girls. CARE is working with 258 schools across the entire primary school system to build 12 new schools; renovate and refurbish 265 classrooms; provide 62 schools with water and sanitation facilities; provide 103 primary schools with learning materials; provide 1,500 girls conditional education grants; strengthen the capacity of education authorities; train Community Education Committees; develop and improve the curriculum; and recruit, train, and support teachers and staff at central, regional, and district levels. Throughout the project cycle, enrolment of children will be tracked and monitored.

This project’s work is aimed at long-term re-establishment of a public education system that is accessible to all parts of the population, with a harmonized national curriculum and examination system, well-trained teachers, quality assurance systems, adequate infrastructure, and well- managed schools. By putting the Ministry of Education at the forefront of implementation and ensuring community ownership and participation in monitoring, sustainability will be enhanced.  


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