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About EAA

Opening up a world of education

Children love to learn. If they are denied access to knowledge, we also deny them the opportunity to change their lives for the better.


Education: The Key to Development

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable world for all. They address the global challenges we face such as those related to poverty, limited education, inequality, climate and environmental degradation.

Quality Education (SDG 4) is the foundation for achieving sustainable development. In addition to improving quality of life, access to inclusive education can help equip learners with the tools required to develop innovative solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

While EAA’s mandate does not directly target the other SDGs, we support those goals through our projects’ interventions as our focus is on eliminating the barriers to education. For example, the construction of school water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities helps to improve education access, in particular for girls, and also support SDG 6 (promoting more equitable access to sanitation and clean water). Similarly, the provision of scholarships, cash transfers or school materials decreases the opportunity cost of getting an education as well as the need for children to work (SDG 8).

From the beginning, EAA has recognized the reciprocal relationship between education and the other SDGs. The graphic below depicts how an appreciation of the inclusion of the other sectors in EAA projects supports the provision of quality education and reinforces other SDGs.