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Education Above All Foundation (EAA) launches Dynamic Futures Qatar

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With the support and partnership of the General Department of Endowments at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf), and in collaboration with Qatar University, College of North Atlantic Qatar (CNAQ), Stenden University and Calgary University.

Education Above All Foundation (EAA), through its programme Al Fakhoora, with the support and partnership of the General Department of Endowments at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf), has announced during a special press conference held at the General Department of Endowments, the launch of the first scholarship project of its kind in the State of Qatar, called “Dynamic Futures Qatar”.

The “Dynamic Futures Qatar” scholarship programme aims to provide young adults between 17 and 25 years old who have spent most of their formative years in Qatar with access to higher education,

and offer them the opportunity to develop their civic engagement, leadership skills, and economic empowerment which allows them to become productive and able to contribute to the society in Qatar and abroad.

In the framework of supporting EAA’s efforts that aims to invest in the education of the resident youth and direct their potential towards an effective collaboration in building the society, a partnership with the General Department of Endowments at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) has been put in place. The ministry has taken upon itself to finance the programme through the endowments bank for education and cultural development, that has been donated to reflect the profound faith and belief in the role of education in the nation’s progress and development, and to help transform Qatar into a knowledge-based society, as well as to achieve the bank’s key objectives such as: Support talents, raise awareness of the role of higher education for human and social development, as well as encourage and participate in events that  supports education through conferences, panels, seminars, exhibitions, in addition to creating libraries, print and online books, as well as creating educational and cultural competitions which lead to successful achievements, including today’s signing partnership agreement with Education Above All Foundation.

Education Above All foundation has partnered and collaborated with 4 prominent universities and colleges in Qatar to implement “Dynamic Futures Qatar” and support EAA’s contribution to national and community building by investing in higher education scholarships to the young adult expats and ensure their positive impact on the society. Each of Qatar University, College of North Atlantic (CNAQ), Stenden University, and University of Calgary in Qatar, has shared their own admission of requirements and thus eligible beneficiaries for the scholarship programme must have their application approved by these institutions accordingly.

Dr. Khaled Bin Mohamed Bin Ghanem Al Thani, Director of the general directorate at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf), inaugurated the press conference by stressing on the importance of endowment funds in the Islamic culture, and the fact that it’s a criterion for the culture’s development. Hence, diversified donations are indications of the prosperity of an era and its economy, society and culture.

Moreover, Qatar is witnessing today a diversification and agreement towards these endowment funds, which is a sign of a renaissance period under the patronage of His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani may god protect him.

Therefore, the general directorate at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf), has allocated 6 endowment banks to further drive donations. Disbursements will be granted to those who are entitled to the donations as per the following endowments: Righteousness and piety, Islamic affairs, The Quran and Sunnah, knowledge, family and offspring and healthcare.

Dr. Khaled highlighted the fact that the signing of the partnership agreement and support of the EAA organisation is coming from the Endowment for knowledge Development, the bank that specialises in endorsing education in every possible way.

Thus, the agreement aims to develop 2 major educational fields which are primary education and higher education.

A school for primary education will be opened based on this agreement, and the announcement of university scholarships reaching 120 scholarships in 4 years.

The director of public administration also thanked the people that are making efforts in EAA to spread education within and outside Qatar.

Commenting on the occasion, Farooq Burney, Executive Director of Al Fakhoora Programme, said:

“We, in Al Fakhoora, recognise the potential of young people living in Qatar in participating effectively in shaping its future, which has prompted us to invest in unlocking their full capacities and abilities and employing them in the appropriate fields of work. Youth are the most important group and cornerstone in building and developing a society, as well as shaping its promising future. Once they receive quality education and become part of Qatar's workforce, they will inevitably contribute to the desired national development.”

And he added: “As we seek through our programme to provide a promising generation of young people with educational potential in support of Qatar’s present and future, we ensure that the grant includes a range of student services that will contribute to the development of the student’s civil responsibility, as well as the development of leadership skills and economic empowerment, consequently helping him in shaping his future, preparing him for the labour market, and positively influencing the society to which he belongs. We believe that the programme, that is made possible thanks to the general directorate at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf), is not only a financial support that helps the student accomplish his scientific achievements, but it also feeds into a broader perspective towards building his social identity.”

Speaking at the press conference, Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al-Kanji, Vice President for Student Affairs in Qatar University said:

“The importance of this partnership lies in fostering the needs of university students and providing the opportunity for community institutions to activate their role and provide their services in order to support the educational process at Qatar University. We would like to thank the Education Above All Foundation, represented by its Al Fakhoora programme, and the General Department of Endowments at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) for their initiative to hold this distinguished partnership with us at Qatar University through the launch of the Dynamic Futures programme in Qatar. We hope that this partnership will result in the achievement of the ultimate desired goal of supporting the education of non-Qatari students who do not have the financial advantages to complete their university studies. By doing so, we will contribute to the development of their abilities and build their hopes and aspirations, as well as provide them with the appropriate support for them to succeed and participate actively in building their promising future.”

From his part, CNA-Q President Dr. Ken MacLeod said:

“College of the North Atlantic-Qatar is pleased to be involved with Education Above All’s Dynamic Futures Qatar Scholarship program supported by the General Department of Endowments at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf). As the organization’s name clearly states, education is, and should be, the top priority for any society. A society cannot progress, achieve and succeed without qualified and educated citizens. At CNA-Q we believe that technical and vocational training should be available to all of Qatar’s young minds, to grow and develop the country into great prosperity for the future. Therefore we are avid supporters of the Dynamic Futures Qatar Scholarship program, which ensures youth who make Qatar their home receive higher education and support to further develop the country with the knowledge-based skills needed to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030.”

From his end, Dr. Ivan Ninov, Stenden University-Qatar Executive Dean:

“We are very excited to enter into a partnership with Education Above All and feel privileged and honored to be able to educate students with great leadership potential who are going to play an important role in the future development of Qatar.”

On her part, Dr. Deborah White, Dean of the University of Calgary in Qatar, commented:

“The University of Calgary in Qatar appreciates this opportunity for our students to enable them to study. Without this assistance from Al-Fakhoora and the General Department of Endowments at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) many of these students would not be able to pursue their studies. The program shows vision in helping to educate and develop long-term residents of Qatar who will be able to contribute to achieving the 2030 Qatar National Vision in relation to healthcare and the nursing profession.”

Following the registration phase that has been concluded by the universities, Al Fakhoora prepares to kick off the filtering process of the applications. In addition to the universities admission policies, EAA adopts the specific criteria for selecting students: applicants must hold valid residents permits, currently under family sponsorship, have completed at least 70% of their education in Qatar and entering freshman level, not receiving other education support and interested in pursuing a degree that aligns with the future labor market needs of Qatar.

After the selection phase, Al Fakhoora, in collaboration with the General Department of Endowments at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf), will arrange a special ceremony to award and announce the students who will be accepted in the “Dynamic Futures Qatar” scholarship programme for the academic year 2018 – 2019.


"Humanity will not overcome the immense challenges we face unless we ensure that children get the quality education that equips them to play their part in the modern world." -- HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser


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